Graphics and maps of the cave where 12 boys and their coach got trapped, in Thainland.
The best way to understand how difficult was the rescue mission is by looking at visual representations of the cave system.
This post show some of the drawings, graphics, cross-sections and maps of the flooded cave.

The cave is located at "Tham Luang Forest Park", in the Chiang Rai province, in the north of Thailand. Click the link to explore satellite images and latitude and longitude of the Tham Luang Cave entrance.

Location Maps of the Tham Luang Cave

Satellite Images from Google Earth that show the cave system as seen from above. Some of the images are 3D views that allow us to see the "Doi Nang Non" mountain where the cave is located.

Cave system maps

Maps that show the cave network and rescue route. The Tham Luang cave has a length of 10 km. The boys and their coach were found trapped on a dry mound surrounded by floodwaters at a distance of about 4 km from the main entrance.

Infographics of the Rescue Cave

The following infographics are self explanatory, they allow us to understand the several cross-sections along the length of the cave. The size of the cave is compared to the size of a human being in several points along the cave. Note that the smallest section has only 72 x 38 cm, it's a very narrow passage that is flooded, the only way to overcome it is by scuba diving.

Cross-sections of the mountain and cave

These cross-sections help us to grasp better how deep the cave is from the surface and how the cave develops underground inside the mountain. Some of the images are more realistic in terms of scale than others. The boys were found at a distance of about 4 km from the entrance, close to "Pattaya Beach". Some flooded parts are too narrow to use scuba tanks mounted on the back of a person.
This last picture shows a drawing made by divers depicting several flooded spots where volunteers "will be submerged for a distance of 10 m at each flooded point". They say that fins were not necessary and they could use the rope guideline.

Drawings of the rescue mission process

Drawings that show the rescue process. Each boy is brought out by two divers. The rescued boy is attached to the first diver by a rope and harness who carries the boy's air bottle. The boy wears a full-face mask. In the narrower flooded points they have to squeeze themselves in murky waters. They have to remove air tanks and pull the boy through the gap. These drawings show very well how risky is a rescue operation like this.

In the main page you will find a link to Thailand Cave. You click the link and then the online maps will get you to the cave location where you can explore the area. Click here.


Rai Non said...

I am glad they managed to brought them all out of that cave alive.
I hope that now they can recover fully.

Olivia said...

It was amazing to see so many people, from different countries, involved in saving the football team. All the world was watching and wishing the best. And the miracle happened, and eventually there was the happy end that everyone wished for.

I just don't understand why the thai authorities kept so secret some aspects of the operation. Does anyone know why the rescued boys were completely hidden from view when they got out of the cave? All the world wished to see them saved outside after so many days, but the press was completely blocked. Not even a image of the coach. Not even a single picture was taken from any of them when they were brought out alive. Not even from a distance. There are images of all of them trapped inside, in a really bad situation, but there's not a single image of the moment they are alive outside the cave. Why? It is weird!

Alonso Rodriguez said...

Great they are all well now.
But I have to agree with Olivia. It was not necessary to hide all of them from the view of the world...

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