The Virtual Tour can be seen here.

This is a tour of Norway.
I had to share this with you. This is a must!

Explore Norway like never before. Use 360º panorama views of great image quality. Look around. Relax. This a virtual tour of Norway that you cannot miss.

There are several places that you can explore, many landscapes of outstanding natural beauty. By default the first aerial photos are from Geirangerfjord, but you can also explore Trollstigen, Trollveggen, Lekna and many other interesting places.

Explore the fjords

A fjord is a valley that has a "U" shape, that was formed by the action of a glacier, and after that was flooded by the ocean. The weight of the ice sliding from the top of the mountains eventually carved the rock below forming those typical U valleys. Note that you can see a lot of beautiful waterfalls along a fjord. As the valley was becoming deeper some smaller valleys were interrupted along the course of the glacier, and were left at a higher level, causing the water to fall from great heights:
You will see fjord cruises full of tourists enjoying their holidays in Norway. It's time for you to enjoy your own fjord tour, visit Norway like you were there.

How to use the 360º panorama views

In each 360 panorama there are icons pointing to other panorama locations. You can click and be redirected to a new spot. This is how the icons look like:

You can also go to a different place by clicking in "View More Places" in the bar below the panorama view:

Then you can watch the different places on the form of thumbnails that you can select:

In the bottom bar at your left you can hit this button to stop the view to rotate:

 Tour of Norway - Navigation

You can navigate on a 360º panorama view by using your mouse or by using your keyboard:
You can go up and down, left and right. The photos are of such quality that you can even zoom in for a closer look of a certain area of your interest.

Try it and share your opinion.
Have you enjoyed this tour of Norway?
Leave your comment below.

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