Now you can discover the maps of the past using this utility Old Maps Online.

Search historical maps

Search historical maps across different libraries around the world. You can search by typing the name of a place, or you can do it by double clicking in the map. Then you can narrow the search by date, using a timeline to select an interval of time from the year 1000 to 2010.

The results of your old maps search appear in a sidebar on the right side.

You can choose from the ancient maps listed in the results by clicking on the map of your choice. Then a popup window opens that will allow you to view the old map.

Search by typing the name of place

As you can see in the example below, by typing "Brasil" in the search box, the area of Brasil is selected in the main map by an orange box. In the sidebar we get the old maps results for Brasil from 1825, 1897, etc:

Narrowing the search by time

In the timeline located below the search box we can narrow our search. In the following example the search was narrowed to a time range between 1500 and 1750. Now, in the sidebar, we get different results. The old maps of Brasil are now from 1730, 1747, etc:
The maps in the sidebar are listed by relevance order, with the most relevant at the top.

Search by selecting a window directly on the main map

You can use the tool on the left to select directly on the main map the area of your interest:
After you do that you get the selected area zoomed in and the correspondent old maps results listed in the sidebar:

Zooming in and out

As you zoom in and out on the main map the list of old maps on the sidebar updates instantly. In the example below you can see Rio de Janeiro (the city of the 2016 Olympic Games, and host city of 2014 Fifa World Cup) zoomed in, and the related old maps updated on the sidebar:
When you pass the mouse over the maps on the sidebar list the correspondent area of each map is selected on the main map window.

View the old map

After clicking on an old map in the sidebar, you just have to click the button "View this map" to be able to view that particular map:

View the old maps on the main window

If you tick the checkbox in the right side at the bottom (see image) you can view the location of the old maps on the main window:

I hope you have enjoyed this tip to search quickly and effectively from relevant ancient maps around the world.

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